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Mining Occ Health

Occupational Health Managers

Automated Occupational Health Screening and Intervention

Experience a new era of occupational health management with Abby Health's innovative service. Our offering encompasses:

  • Fast, Self-Service Screenings: Conduct vital signs and comprehensive health screenings effortlessly at Abby Health Stations.

  • Automated Digital Interventions: Empower employees with immediate digital health interventions, promoting proactive health management.

  • Seamless E-Health Integration: Integrate effortlessly with your existing e-health systems via our reliable API, eliminating manual data capturing errors.

  • Accredited and Approved: Gain confidence with our FDA, CE, and SAHPRA approved service, upheld by partnerships with the Department of Health and leading mines and manufacturers.

  • Comprehensive Insights: Provide occupational health managers and staff with crucial data, fostering an informed and healthier workplace environment.

  • Inclusive Software Service: Our occupational health service, inclusive with Abby Health Station, paves the way for automation, speed, and large-scale health education, culminating in a win-win-win scenario for all workplace stakeholders.

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Employee Health and Wellness Leaders

Automated Employee Wellness

Smart wellness programs using Abby to monitor your workforce's health, give them personalised advice, and track your company's group progress.

Wellness Days - we bring the Abby solution to your organisation periodically.

Wellness Years - Abby is placed permanently at your organisation for maximum wellness engagement and ongoing health monitoring and personalised interventions. 

What's included:

  • 20+ Health Checks in 2-3 minutes per person

  • Collect over 35 points of data per person

  • Abby Wellness Intelligence: Group Report

  • Each employee receives their own health report

  • Automated interventions for employees at risk

  • API integration into your electronic system

  • Monthly Wellness Reports to track how your employees are doing overall


Engaging Exhibition Services

Draw prospects to your stand and collect leads

Boost your exhibition presence with Abby Health's tailor-made service, geared towards health and wellness events. Our end-to-end solution ensures a seamless exhibition experience, featuring:

  • Abby Promoter: Our trained promotor helps draw even more prospects to your stand with engaging health screenings.

  • Automatic Contact Collection: Effortlessly gather contact information of interested attendees for a high-quality database post-event.

  • Hassle-free Logistics: Enjoy the convenience of transportation, set-up, calibration, and support, all taken care of by our dedicated team.

  • Robotic Nurse Stations: Our self-service health stations, manned by robotic nurses, not only attract more foot traffic but also provide an interactive health check experience.

  • Prominent Partnerships & Past Exhibits: With a history of participation in notable events and partnerships with industry giants like the Board of Healthcare Funders and HASA, our service lends credibility and attraction to your stand.

  • Integration Opportunity: Enhance your exhibit by showcasing a holistic health tech solution that integrates with other health services, providing a glimpse into streamlined health management.

Targeted at companies exhibiting at health-centric conferences, our service promises not just increased visitor engagement, but also meaningful interactions, leaving you with valuable contacts and a successful exhibition experience.


Pharmacy Owners

Foot Traffic, Up-Selling and Screening Automation

Increase foot traffic and revenue. Confirm medication adherence. In-store advertising on Abby's digital display to increase product awareness. Up-sell services based on Abby users profile.


Lead Generation / Marketers

Hyper-Targeted Marketing

Put your product or service in front of the right people using Abby's Wellness Intelligence. Targeted messaging based on a users profile will help you reach your ideal audience and high conversions.


Medical Aids

Wellness days and lead generation

Improve risk classifications through more data points. Engage with your members digitally. Increase frequency and quantity of health risk assessments, and increase member satisfaction.

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Government Organisations

Health Begins Here

Improve healthcare planning and delivery through real-time health data, and program efficacy in key locations. Free up key healthcare employees to perform their jobs better.

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Healthcare Providers

Remote Monitoring

Intervene with real-time patient data. Direct at-risk Abby users to your health practice with targeted messaging. Streamline your health assessment process and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Member Retention and Engagement

Increase sign ups, stand out from competitors and give your members a chance to track their hard earned progress. Add value to your personal trainers by giving them Abby's digital platform to engage with members.


Retail Stores

Transform your customer's retail experience

Add primary health care as a service to your retail store instantly. Reward your customers with convenient access to free health checks and advice, without adding extra staff.

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