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Comprehensive health checks in under 180 seconds.

Non-invasive. Making health monitoring comfortable, quick, and easy.

Vital Signs

Blood Pressure
SpO2 (blood oxygen)

Body Composition

Body Fat Percentage
Water Percentage
Total Body Water
Fat Free Mass
Protein (kgs)
Intracellular Water (ICW)
Extracellular Water (ECW)
Mineral Mass (Bone mass)


Psychological Health

Financial Health

Emotional Health

10-Year Cardiovascular Risk Score
Metabolic Age
Heart Age
Standard Body Weight
Smoker Status
Diabetes Status
Chronic Medication Status
HIV Status

Additional Screening Services

Optional Blood Tests Performed by Our Nurses


Rapid glucose testing quickly measures blood sugar levels using a small drop of blood, aiding effective diabetes management. This immediate feedback helps inform decisions on medication, diet, and exercise to maintain safe blood sugar levels.

HIV Counselling & Testing

HIV Counselling & Testing involves confidential discussions and tests to check for HIV infection. Counselling provides education on HIV, while testing determines your HIV status, aiding in informed health decisions and early treatment if necessary.


Cholesterol testing measures the levels of different fats in your blood, providing vital information about your heart health. This test helps in making informed decisions regarding diet, exercise, and medication to manage or lower cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease risk.


FDA, CE, and SAHPRA approved.

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