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The Power of Intuitive Eating for Women in Their 30s

As women in our 30s, juggling between personal life, career, and health can be quite a challenge. Amidst all this, maintaining a balanced diet often falls on the back burner.

When it comes to dieting, many of us picture restrictions, calorie-counting, and a lingering guilt for indulging in our favourite foods. But what if there was another way? A more sustainable approach called 'intuitive eating'.

Intuitive eating invites us to listen to our body's signals, providing nourishment based on its true needs and appreciating food as a source of satisfaction, not guilt. It's about trusting your body and stepping away from strict rules.

Here's how intuitive eating can make a difference, especially for women in their 30s struggling with obesity:

With intuitive eating, you get to redefine your relationship with food - shifting from a place of control and restriction to one of trust and respect for your body's needs. And for those ready to embrace this change, our registered dietitian Gabi is here to help. Gabi believes that every woman's relationship with food is unique and she's dedicated to guiding you on this transformative journey.

Begin your intuitive eating journey with Gabi by enquiring about an online consultation here.

Remember, your wellness journey is unique and it's all about finding what helps you live a happier, healthier life!

Stay well,

The Abby Health Team

Disclaimer: The information in this email is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Always consult with a registered dietitian or healthcare professional before making significant changes to your eating habits or lifestyle.

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