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BPOMAS and Abby Health Join Forces to Improve Healthcare in Botswana

Abby Health, a leading health technology provider, has announced its partnership with Botswana Public Officers Medical Aid Scheme (BPOMAS) to provide innovative health solutions to its members and clients. This partnership will leverage Abby Health's cutting-edge technology to automate employee health screenings and interventions using AI self-service health stations.


BPOMAS is a leading medical aid provider in Botswana that provides healthcare coverage to over 185,000 lives. The scheme has been in operation for over 31 years and is the largest medical aid provider in Botswana. BPOMAS prides itself on offering affordable and comprehensive healthcare coverage to its members.

About Abby Health:

Abby Health ( is a health technology company that provides AI-powered health stations for employee health screenings and interventions. Abby Health's innovative solutions are designed to improve health outcomes and reduce costs for businesses across Botswana. With its cutting-edge technology, Abby Health is poised to revolutionise the healthcare industry in Botswana.

Benefits of the Partnership:

BPOMAS members and clients can look forward to the following benefits from this partnership:

  1. Automated Health Screenings: Abby Health's AI-powered health stations will automate employee health screenings, making it faster, more accurate, and less intrusive. This will enable BPOMAS to efficiently manage large groups of employees with ease.

  2. Improved Health Outcomes: The health stations will provide BPOMAS with valuable data on the health status of their members, enabling them to identify potential health risks early and intervene before they escalate. This will help improve health outcomes for BPOMAS members and reduce the cost of healthcare.

  3. Cost Savings: The AI-powered health stations will enable BPOMAS to reduce the cost of employee health screenings and interventions. By automating the process, BPOMAS can streamline its operations and reduce the need for human resources, thereby reducing costs.


The partnership between BPOMAS and Abby Health is a significant step towards improving healthcare in Botswana. By leveraging Abby Health's cutting-edge technology, BPOMAS can improve the health outcomes of its members and reduce the cost of healthcare. With this partnership, both BPOMAS and Abby Health are committed to providing innovative health solutions that will transform the healthcare industry in Botswana.

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