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4 tips for your next health check

Your correct Abby Health results are important to us, so here is a list of things you need to be aware of when doing your next Abby Health Check:

1. Your date of birth and gender must be correct

Abby calculates your results based on important biological factors like your age and gender. Since Abby can't tell how old you are or what gender you are - yet ;) - make sure that you have entered the correct Date of Birth and selected the correct Gender.

If you go to your Abby results and you see that either your date of birth or gender is incorrect - then send us an email to with the subject line "change my details" and we will do it for you.

2. Your Height affects all other measurements

Try to get a consistent height by wearing similar shoes each time you measure yourself. Also make sure that you stand upright and directly under the height sensor.

3. Blood Pressure guidelines

Do not talk, move around, or be on your phone during your blood pressure measurement.

Also be aware that your blood pressure can change throughout the day. It is affected by things like exercise, stimulants such as coffee, and stress.

4. Measure yourself often

The trend is your friend - corny, but true. Don't take one measurement as the be all and end all. As a baseline - make sure you do at least 5 health checks on Abby to get a good idea of where your health is at. Do this daily or every second day if possible in the beginning, and then push it out to once a week once you have a solid baseline.

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