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Abby literally saved my life.

Colleen Livanos - Rand Water Wellness

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Going Beyond The Health Station

Abby provides you with a detailed report that has 3 main categories:




Customise reports based on your unique needs. The Abby team can add self-reported questions that you may want to ask. For example "Are you a smoker?" or "Are you taking chronic medication?"


14 health checks in 2 minutes.

FDA and CE approved.


Our Story

The Abby Health Journey

Abby Health was founded in 2018 in Johannesburg in order to provide comprehensive services that support and foster the health needs of our customers. We offer a variety of health stations, services and software to improve and help you maintain the optimal health of your clients. Whether you are struggling to monitor and intervene in your people's health needs or simply want to allow your people to track their overall health at their own convenience, Abby Health provides the resources to do so in a professional and friendly manner.

At Abby, we believe that it should be easy and convenient for people to be their healthiest self. ​

Our unique solutions are built to help people better understand their health and find tailor made solutions to suit them. ​

Every person is different, and this is why a "one size fits all" approach is no longer relevant in healthcare.​

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What we can do for you.

Employee Wellness

Automated Employee Wellness

Smart wellness programs using Abby to monitor your workforce's health, give them personalised advice, and track your company's group progress.

Wellness Days

Wellness Years

What's included:

  • 14 Health Checks in 2-3 minutes per person

  • Collect over 25 points of data per person

  • Abby Wellness Intelligence: Group Report

  • Each employee receives their own health report

  • Interventions for employees at risk


Foot Traffic, Up-Selling and Screening Automation

Increase foot traffic and revenue. Confirm medication adherence. In-store advertising on Abby's digital display to increase product awareness. Up-sell services based on Abby users profile.

Lead Generation / Marketers

Hyper-Targeted Marketing

Put your product or service in front of the right people using Abby's Wellness Intelligence. Targeted messaging based on a users profile will help you reach your ideal audience and high conversions.

Medical Aids


Improve risk classifications through more data points. Engage with your members digitally. Increase frequency and quantity of health risk assessments, and increase member satisfaction.

Government Organisations

Health Begins Here

Improve healthcare planning and delivery through real-time health data, and program efficacy in key locations. Free up key healthcare employees to perform their jobs better.

Healthcare Providers

Remote Monitoring

Intervene with real-time patient data. Direct at-risk Abby users to your health practice with targeted messaging. Streamline your health assessment process and increasing customer satisfaction.


Member Retention

Increase sign ups, stand out from competitors and give your members a chance to track their hard earned progress. Add value to your personal trainers by giving them Abby's digital platform to engage with members.

Retail Stores

Transform your customer's retail experience

Add primary health care as a service to your retail store instantly. Reward your customers with convenient access to free health checks and advice, without adding extra staff.


Abby in the News

Media Buzz

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#StartupStory: Meet robotic nurse Abby


"The Embassy of Israel in South Africa recently announced Johannesburg-based entrepreneur Josh Lasker, founding partner of robotic nurse 'Abby' as the winner of the local Start Jerusalem Competition 2018." - Jessica Tennant, BizCommunity

Meet Abby, the Robotic nurse, at HISA

IT News

"People use Abby to monitor their wellness, track improvements or set-backs, and receive personalized feedback based on their specific health needs." - IT News


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Abby Video

Watch this short video of how easy it is to use Abby.


Some of Abby's Health Checks.

Non-invasive tools. Making health monitoring comfortable and easy.

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